Monday, April 25, 2005


FTS - Final Table Syndrome. Getting a little too excited about making it to the final table, and losing the focus and drive necessary to make it into the money just when you most need the focus and drive..

BSS - Big Stack Syndrome. Similar to FTS, but can strike anytime you get cocky.

TPD - Tilt Prevention Device

TMI - Too Much Information

IIKTWIKN - If I knew then what I know now ....

IMPU - In My Personal Universe (ie, This is my strong personal belief, regardless of how the outside world may perceive the situation.)

All-in Fever - The author of this blog suffers greatly from this illness, in which an NLHE tournament player will go all-in when they don't really have a good reason too, simply for the adrenaline rush associated with pushing all of one's chips to the center of the table.

The Nuts - A nut hand, in hold'em poker is the best possible theoretical hand given the community cards, or alternatively the best hand to see the showdown and win the pot.

Tilt - To go on tilt is to play emotionally, rashly and make poor betting decisions that defy logic.

Semi-Bluff - When the first three community cards (the flop) has been shown, there are still two cards to come. A semi-bluff is when you do not have a winning hand, but you have a certain number of cards that could still make your hand the winner. Examples include drawing to an outside straight, with a 40% chance of drawing a winning hand, or an inside straight ("belly buster") with a 20% chance for a successful draw.

Big Slick - Ace, King

Limp in - To match the big blind (but not raise) in order to see the flop.

Short-stacked - Having significantly less chips than your opponents, leaving you much more susceptible to bluffs and 'bullying' by the bigger stacks.