Tuesday, October 11, 2005

FonZ's Birthday Tourney Oct 8, 2005

I haven't been blogging much lately, but I must document this Donk maneuver in the hopes of never repeating it.

I played two hours of tight poker at FonZ's, catching maybe four reasonable starters and missing three flops and folding instead of bleeding extra. We go from 13 players down to 1 table, and there are 7 of us left. I pulled a poker 101 Donk maneuver as follows.

Me: Limp with K8s (after having had two all ins with no callers)

Big stack limps, and big blind Checks

Flop: A,2,2 - Check, Check, Check

Turn: A

Me: All-in.
BS: Calls and has the ace.

First of all, I had no business limping with that hand with the big stack yet to act. Second of all, my chip stack was only about 8 BB, so I should have either gone all in or folded. Third of all, to try to bluff the big stack, who easily had 6 times as many chips as me is also stupid. This was compounded stupidity of the worst kind, which is especially painful after having survived so long without any ridiculous plays on my part.

In retrospect, I'll call that a tilt for the sake of calling it something. What possible result could I have been expecting?