Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Donk Hand

It's early (first 5 hands) in a 10 player sit'n'go. You've got 22 and limp in with about 5 other players.
Your Chips: 1980
Player X: 1480
Player Y: 1560

Flop: 4,2,7 rainbow.
Pot = $180

You microbet ($40), and Player X bets $200, Player Y calls, you call.
pot = $780

Turn: A

You check, Player X all-in, Player Y calls

Should you go all in?

A boat or quads would be the sure nuts, so you've got 10 outs with 1 card to play, 36 to 10 or 3.6 to 1 against you hitting the nuts. Trips isn't a bad hand, but there is a straight possibility on the board. Pot odds are roughly 2 to 1 if you make the call, so it's not technically a good bet.

It was on-line and I didn't immediately see the straight, so I figure my opponents were betting two pair or worse. (At the showdown, player X had the wheel, and player Y had a pair of aces.)

A two hits, and I put in the last few chips to clean out player Y.

Not my brightest hour, but it's still fun to hit every now and then.

Though I usually place in the money in these sit n goes, I fail to place in this one. One could argue I got what I deserved for sloppy play.