Tuesday, November 01, 2005

KK - Misplay

Early in an on-line sit'n'go. Hero in 7th position.

1 - Limp
2 - Raise to 6BB
3-6 Fold
Hero (K,K) - Raise to 12BB
Button, SB, BB fold
2 - Calls

Flop - 9,7,3 rainbow
2 - Bets 1/2 pot

I simply called all the way down, for the next 3 bets, and lost about half my chips to you-know-what. I'm not sure if I could have gotten away from this hand on a nothing board, but perhaps if I had re-raised on the flop, I might have been able to throw away this second-best pair.

In other on-line news, I've been playing too damn much and need to scale it back, and take the games I play more seriously, or else I will develop some bad habits.