Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Jack-Five Giveth....

I took third place in a field of 45 in an on-line cheapo tourney, coming back from 'pretty much dead' twice. The big irony is that the hand that brought me down was the one I used to such great effect the other day, Jack-five. These weren't even suited. Compare this hand with the one from the other day:

I suppose I could have raised with K7 three-handed...

*********** # 161 **************
Hold'em No Limit - Level XIII (1500/3000) - 2005/11/08
srpurchase (24401 in chips)
FrankNagaiJr (21514 in chips)
poorbear (21585 in chips)

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to FrankNagaiJr [Kd 7c]
FrankNagaiJr: calls 3000
poorbear: calls 1500
srpurchase: checks

*** FLOP *** [5s Kc Jc]
poorbear: bets 12000
srpurchase: folds
FrankNagaiJr: raises 6364 to 18364 and is all-in
poorbear: calls 6364

FrankNagaiJr said, "ouch nh"
*** TURN *** [5s Kc Jc] [Td]
*** RIVER *** [5s Kc Jc Td] [Jh]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
poorbear: shows [Js 5d] (a full house, Jacks full of Fives)
FrankNagaiJr: shows [Kd 7c] (two pair, Kings and Jacks)

One of these days I may annotate key hands in a whole tourney, to see if I learn anything from that exercise.