Friday, November 04, 2005

AA v JJ redux

The victim of my AA maneuver last night challenged my thought process publicly, so I will respond here.

8 players, I am second to act. I see AA, and plan to raise to 3BB (150), my stack is currently about 1800.

UTG raises to 150 and it is my action.

I know UTG personally, and assumed he had something. I decided not to reraise for two reasons:
1) five players left to act, maybe somebody makes a move
2) If I like the flop texture, maybe I can milk UTG for a bunch of pot-sized bets.
(Yes, I'm taking a risk that he hits, but there could be a nice reward if he doesn't, but thinks his high cards or lower pocket pair is worth something.)

I call.
P3 raises to 9BB (450)

Table folds back to me. Now I know that P3 must really think he's got something, and I know that if I wait for the flop, he might smell a rat and fold if I only call.

Thus I bet to about 8/10 of my stack, and probably 9/10 of P3's stack.

This was P3's chance to fold.