Friday, November 18, 2005

Social Club on-line Tourney Nov 17, 2005

RCHeli caught some bad cards against me. These happenen consecutively:
Me: QQ UTG - Raise 3BB (or more, I forget)
fold around to BB (RC Heli) who calls
Flop - Below Queens, rainbow
I bet all the way to river and get calls each time, Queens hold

Me: AA UTG - Raise 5BB (give or take)
fold around to BB (RCHeli) who calls and goes all-in on the flop
Aces hold.

Then I whittle down my stack to all-or-nothing mode, and get it back to fighting size, and totally misplay this hand to lose all chips:

7 handed, I'm the BB ($200)
Fold to Button
Button raises to 500
SB calls
I call with AJ (pot odds were 4 to 1)
Flop Axx rainbow
Button Checks, SB makes a bet of 2/3 of my stack
I go all-in, and of course I'm against AQ and fail to suck out.

AJ is too dangerous a multi-way, since it's so easily dominated. Folding pre-flop was not a bad idea once the SB called the raise, it was not unreasonable to put one of them on Ak or Aq.