Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Manassas Cash

Played live cash short-handed last night in Manassas, and re-discovered that the on-line donks aren't so different from the donks you might find at a live game. An uneventful evening where I had maybe four good hands in two hours, and collected on two of them, and didn't bleed too much otherwise. The hand I describe was the balancing point between going home in the red or the black.

Six Positions
Hero - BB with J,J

P1 fold
p2 call
p3 Raise to 3BB
p4 calls 3BB
p5 calls 3 BB

SB fold
Hero - Re-raise to 8BB
p2 calls, all others fold

Flop 9,5,3 rainbox
P2 bets half pot.

At this point I let it go. I've been burned too many times by higher pocket pairs, and I hadn't played with this player before that evening, and had only played maybe 10 hands with him so far, so I wasn't sure what his standards were on calling a re-raise.

Hero Folds.
P2 shows 88, and seemed to think it was a pretty good hand.

I left down 5BB for the evening, because I didn't want to go into an all-in on my pocket pair without some knowledge of the other player.

On the up-side, another player later assumed this player was full of cheese, and went all in with the nut flush. This same player turned over Quad 7s. If I had to choose, I guess I'd rather fold a marginal victory than suffer a monster beat like that.