Thursday, April 06, 2006

PLO8 Tourney Hand

This hand broke me. The player to my left had been limping and betting, limping and betting into my BB, and I had been checking and folding.

Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit - Level IV (50/100)

My hand: 8h 5d 9h 7s
Not a monster, but for two-handed SB v BB very playable. I'm actually ahead at the time of the reraise:
FrankNagaiJr: raises 200 to 300
Evil Danmo: calls 200

FLOP: Jc 7h Ts
I have a made straight, and a runner runner flush redraw, and runner-runner low-hand redraw.

Evil Danmo: bets 500
FrankNagaiJr: raises 1600 to 2100

I'd like to end it right here.

Evil Danmo: raises 145 to 2245 and is all-in
FrankNagaiJr: calls 145

Evil Danmo: Qh 4d Kd Jh

I am the .678 favorite according to Villain is drawing to a higher straight (9 or A with a runner-runner flush redraw. 7 outs twice.

TURN [Jc 7h Ts] [Ah]

Ouch! (Don't forget I'm now drawing to a 2, 3, 5, 6, or 8 for 1/2 the pot. That's a lotta outs!)

RIVER [Jc 7h Ts Ah] [Qd]

Can't say that I regret my decision though.