Thursday, April 06, 2006

Limit Omaha Hi-Lo on PokerTards

Last night I joined a 1$ tourney on-line, and out of 450 players, and I managed to get into the top 10 ranking about an hour into it. I was at a loose table where everybody limped and they all seemed to take preflop raises personally. Of course I pre-flop raised with every A2 I saw, and eventually it paid off, tripling me up at a pretty high blind stage.

At that point there were still 250 players left, so I played for another 30 minutes at another loose table, seeing flops when I had something decent but otherwise being quiet. Then I hit a couple good hands and all of a sudden I was #2 out of 117.

I went to bed.

I woke up as #17, being paid nearly 5 times my buy-in.

No, I'm no the king of Omaha hi-lo, but it is amusing to blind out into the money.