Friday, March 31, 2006

More foxwoods

Played some more tourneys
4th out of 10, getting rivered multiple times in all-in battles with smaller stacks. We were at the part of the tourney where pushing with Kx-suited was not a ridiculously bad play, and I was hovering around 4M when I got knocked out.
5th out of 10
3-way chop for 1st out of 10. I triple up early w/QQ and never look back as chip leader. I also luck into some pocket aces against a calling station who didn't luck into a flush with his KTo that he called my raise with. He stayed the whole way on his split pair.
7th out of 10 - I push AKo too hard and end up in a 3 way all-in against KJo and QQ. Nobody catches, QQ wins.
8th out of 10 - Dismal cards, and the guy on my left raises every time I limp. I eventually push w/43s against QQ. I pair both my cards, but the board also pairs.

I played 20 minutes of 7 stud and lost, so it was red evening, but I'm in the black for this trip to connecticut.