Friday, March 24, 2006

E's Game

Back to the Candy store. Eliminated in the second stage after catching two decent starters in quick succession. First was TT, which I reraised the bettor on with on the null flop, and was pushed all-in with. I felt a reasonable chance I was beat, so I mucked, which was half my stack. Then it was AKo, with which I made a very high, steal-the-blinds raise, and I was called, and beat by A7s, who called my all-in (the other half of my remaining stack) on the flop with an outside straight draw. They won.

I discovered a few tells on myself I need to work on.

(Himitsu da! Tokei no koto, chotto hayai no koto, kangae to no toki wa arimasen. Sono ato, all-in no toki, chotto dansu shite imashita. )

Played some good 1-2 NL cash game for a few hours after getting knocked out so early.