Saturday, March 25, 2006

F's Cash Game 3/24/06

Played a 1/2 cash game with many of the luminaries of the social group last night. I was down to less than half my buy-in when I hit a hot streak, eventually leaving with my Buy-in plus 5 times buy-in.

Most of it can be attributed to one hand, after I had already multipled up to a healthy stack. I'm in the BB, and the raise is 3BB with at least 3 callers. I see 8h 6h, which is certainly playable in a cash game.

The flop is 4c 5d 7c, and I make a quarter-pot bet to see who's chasing the flush. I get reraised to pot-sized by F (from NA), who's been playing wild and catching all night. I give it a moment's consideration and I push my stack, which is an overbet if there ever was one. I knew I had best hand at the flop, but there were too many ways to beat me in the next two cards.

F gives it some consideration and calls, with the straight on the other end (3c 6d). He has a club, so he's got a runner-runner draw to win, or he can catch one of the other 3 eights to split the pot. He makes neither. He hadn't seen me play anything as weak as 68 all night, he later said, which was true. I had been folding quite a bit, and had shown down JJ and QQ and not much else.

All-in all a good evening.

My worst mistake? My last rotation, and I straddle, and F (from KB) makes a smallish raise and I call blind and we're heads-up. I bet blind on a T98 board, and he reraises me. I ask for his stack size, and I call his raise. I had something, but I totally couldn't get a read on him, and folded on the turn to his agressive betting, rather than risking so many chips just before leaving. I either should have pushed him all-in on the flop, or gotten out of the way. Peeling a card off for a price was just stupid.

I also laid down KK to F (the host) early in the game, who had been bluffing a lot, but bet into an Axx flop. Not necessarily a stupid play, but not very swashbuckling.