Sunday, March 26, 2006

Casino Windsor

Played 45 minutes of 3-6 limit, caught nothing worth seeing the turn for, switched to no limit.

In the first 2 hours, I caught a fair amount of decent starters and called lots of limp raises with suited connectors, small pp's, suited aces, and the occasional goofball hand, and connected with no flops. I tended to inevitably give up on the flop.

About 2 hours in I made a well timed steal on the turn for an uncontested pot. Then I started a streak.

Starter: Kd Jd, call a 6BB raise. Flop Ad xd xd, I check and somebody else bets half my stack, and I push to beat a crappy flush.

Starters Ax 2x (offsuit) that I'm allowed to limp. Flop Ac 2x Qc. I make a pot sized bet and get two callers. Turn is also a club, and I check and fold after a little consideration. (I fould a tell on a young surfer dude that was golden.) The other player doesn't see the tell and calls, confirming he was chasing the nut flush with Kxs, so I dodge a bullet.

Starter Ax, and I call a raise from a frequent bluffer. Flop Axx, and I bet it, he calls. I bet the turn, he calls, I bet the river, and he gets the message and goes away.

Starter 3s 5s (I learned some new tricks from Fonzie ;-) and the flop is 2s4d xs, and I bet it to see who's got anything, and the frequent flopper calls. I bet the turn without improving, he calls. I hit my straight on the river, but he had already planned to fold it seemed.

Starter TT, another player who tends to value bet pre-flop (surfer dude) bets 5BB. I call, and the perfect flop Ax Xx Tx, with a flush draw on board. I'm early, so I check, P1 bets, and Surfer overbets the pot to half his stack. I push, and I'm 3 bucks shy of covering him. He calls after agoniziing, and flips AQo, which was a pretty big kill.