Friday, March 10, 2006

PokerTards $ - Continues to hover around $200. Anytime I get ahead, I make riskier investments, hence the yo-yo.

Party Poquer - I followed D's link to, and couldn't pass up the free 75$ in real PP money I found there. So far, I completely hate the user interface, and I notice they charge a much higher rake than tards. The limit play is definitely beatable at the .50/1 level. I'll probably play enough limit to (whore) my free money and then never go there again.

Head's up Stud - Played with a buddy last night, at a nickel a chip, we got the betting structure slighly wrong, but not enough to matter. After 90 minutes of play I was up $3.50, which I mostly attribute to not chasing with crappy hands. It was a lot of fun, and for head's up/short-handed play, I think 7-Stud is much more entertaining than HE.