Friday, March 03, 2006

A bad call one way, and then the other

Live Tourney, I have 5650 in chips, the blinds are 100/200 w/25 antes. 2nd to act at a 9 player table. AKo. I call.

Mid-position player makes it 600. I've played with this player before and know that she'll raise on a lot of different hands, but not on junk. I call in preference to reraising.

There is 1725 in the pot.

Flop: A87 two-suited. I check, she bets 500, I reraise to 1000, and she calls without a moment's hesitation. There is 3725 in the pot, and I have just under 4K in chips.

Turn 9 of another suit. I bet 1000, and she puts me all-in without a moment's hesitation. This should have been an easy lay-down since I've never seen this player make a bluff, but I overthought it. I considered the possibility that she had QQ or KK and felt that I was on a bluff, (but that wasn't the kind of play she makes), which was the ONLY way that I wasn't beat. (Trips or two pair were both very reasonably possibilities based on the betting so far. I didn't think she had raised with JT, although I know many players who would.)

I make the crying call for my last 3K in chips, and sure enough she turns over 99 for trips and I'm drawing dead.

If you consider the reraise on the flop with face-up cards, she was paying 3725/500, or 7 to one odds for a 47 to 2 chance for trips on the turn. If I was guaranteed to go all-in if she hit, then she was getting 7725/500 or 15 to 1, so she was still getting incorrect pot odds for that call. A forgiveable sin, since I hadn't represented a monster pre-flop or on the flop and she could have easily put me on KQ or some weaker pocket pair. My plan was to extract the most chips possible, since I felt strongly that I was ahead on the flop.

My sin, calling when you know you're beat, was unforgiveable. Bad/Tilty call.