Sunday, August 20, 2006

COCC Visit #2

I went for the second time to the CO card club, and it was quite similar to my first visit.

Tourney #1 - I couldn't seem to get any hands at a table of Calling Stations, so I saw a lot of flops and folded. On my penultimate hand, I had second pair on an A-7-x rainbow board and 3 of us checked the flop, I bet half my remaining stack and a CS calls. I didn't bet the river because she turned over the Ace, of course. I pushed from the button w/Q6o, and the BB has QJ. I'm out.

Cash Interlude 1 - Not a CS table, the 1/2, but occasionally beatable. I limp K8s early position, and BB raises to 5, which I call. I flop second pair and we both check, then a King turns and I figure I'm ahead of AK or AA, and that KK would have bet the non-ace flop in preference to giving away a freebie. We both check, and the river is another 8 for my full house. He bets 20, I reraise all-in, and he calls with his aces, for whatever masochistic reason. Not many other exciting hands that I was involved in, but lots of cheap flops, and I occasionally buy a pot.

Tourney #2 - I'm at a table with at least four people who haven't a clue, but I fail to get cards much, and I see a lot of flops, and get close to the felt in level 3 when I call a raise w/AKs, miss, and fold after checking the flop and turn with 3 tens on the board. Don turnsover ATo. Then I have a nice turnaround as follows:

Blinds 100/200 - I have 1000 left.
UTG all-in 6 way w/KTo, no calls.
BB 45o, two limpers and I flop the straight draw, everybody checks, and I turn the straight. The guy on my right bets and I reraise all-in and he calls with a pair of 6s, ace kicker. (These folks LOVE Axo)
And I get up to 4500 before the 200/400 level, where I make a 4bb raise w/AQo, get a call from a total CS, we check it down, and she bets 500 on the river, and I call to see ATo, which flopped a pair.
Then I make a raise of half my stack w/ATs, get a call, an ace flops, and he puts me all-in, and I call to see AQo take my remaining chips.

Cash interlude 2 - Uneventful, except the same 20 year old kid who last put me all-in when I had rockets, raises me when I have QQ and I go all in. He calls with 79s, and rivers the inside straight to win.