Friday, August 04, 2006

It's a Plateau

I've hit a plateuu on the learning curve. I feel like I can generally beat the low-stakes limit games (with cards of course) and I'm no longer shy about playing low-stakes no-limit, and I'm generally happy with my tournament record so far.

However, it doesn't feel like I'm learning as much about poker, or about my own game these days. When I sit at a table for 45 minutes, I generally feel like I've got a read on most of the playing styles at the table, but that doesn't always put me in a good position to capitalize on it.

Let's set some specific goals and see what happens.

On-Line, my current balance is 78$, and I think I should be able to grow it, but I don't seem to do so. Here's the game plan:
Current balance till 120: Only play the 1.20$ 45 player tourneys. Nothing bigger or more expensive. If killing time, play cash at ultra low stakes. (never risking more than 3$ at a throw.
120 - 200: Allow the $5.50 single table tourneys and 45 player tourneys into the mix. Risk no more cash than 10$ at a throw.
Let's not dream about what happens when I get past 200 till I get much closer.

Tournament Play: I should be very picky about what tourneys I play going forward. No more crap shoot tourneys, but only those where the blind structure allows for solid play to be rewarded. If this means paying extra, so be it.

Cash Games: I think I'm ready to move to 6-12 limit, and should stick to 1-2 NLHE. For NLHE, I must become a little more daring and a little less tight.