Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Manassas NL Cash 9/14/05

Started at the .50/$1 cash table with the younger group, and after 90 minutes, nearly doubled my buy in. Then I switched to the $1/2 table with a generally more mature crowd, and nearly tripled my buy-in. A good night.

At the higher stakes cash game, I was only active in a very small number of hands, and when I had premium starters, I raised accordingly, as opposed to being coy. Sometimes my big raise simply got all four of the limpers to limp at a higher price, which was comical. After the second time, people did start respecting my raises.

Two hands before my scheduled departure (must announce 30 minutes before going is the house rule) I limp with QJos, and a guy who had just shown pocket aces a few hands before makes a 6 BB raise. I'm the only caller. The flop includes an Ace, and I've got a belly straight draw only. He bets half the pot and I'm gone. He flips over the hammer (7-2). It was definitely a good trick, pity I didn't have anything better than a belly draw.

My announced last hand, I call from the button blind. I look down at 2-6s and compare it with a board of 2-6-8 rainbow. The guy on my left (who I had taken some serious money from earlier) bets into me heavy. I call. Another x (no-paint) a big bet and I call. The river is also no-paint, and he checks. I choose not to get frisky with bottom two pair so I check and collect the pot.

There was definitely more action at the 50/1, but there was a lot more drama at the 1/2, better cards, a dedicated dealer and a nicer table.