Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ne'rk Game Friday 9/5/2005

In the big game I was out in the first 45 minutes. I was pushed off of winning hands three times, got frustrated and made a suicide pre-flop call (small pockets versus an all-in from early position from a solid player). When I made the suicide call, I still had enough chips that I could have blinded for another hour, so that was a tilt.

Then I played a 10 person satellite. There was bluffy sucking down brews who was dominating the table, and there was nothing I could do to stop him, as I wasn't even catching small pairs, and after a few hands, I didn't limp with anything less than premiums. It paid off, in that an hour in I started catching and winning pots. An older CS who was running lucky the whole game had me by a 15 to 1 ratio when we got down to two handed. (He had just eliminated Bluffy McDrink) and even though I doubled up once, I needed to double up at least four times to have any chance at all, and this guy was calling everything, so he only needed to beat me once, and he did.

DE played on my left, a solid game. He called an all-in on the turn from Bluffy and was correct to do so, as he had a solid hand, and Bluffy had a four-flush. Much to DE's dismay, Bluffy caught his slim draw to knock him out, leaving him fourth in the tourney.