Monday, September 05, 2005

Sept 5, 2005 - Home Tourney

Is it bad form to win your own tourney? Sorry.

Played some solid poker, never got too far ahead of my holdings in terms of my betting, caught a few lucky draws and some nice starters, and laid down a few even where I felt there might have been a bluff. In a couple cases I paid to see cards even when I knew I was beat, just because pot odds dictated that I do so.

Perhaps my best suck out ever today.

Me: TT
Opponent: AQ

Flop A,K,J,x
Note that a T gives my opponent a straight, so I now have exactly 3 outs.
Q !!!!!!

This made me the big stack with just one opponent left, whom I had at least a 7 to 1 chip ratio on.

Great players today. Nobody went out for the whole first hour, which is pretty rare when you think about it. I think the first player went out on level 5 with 20 minute blinds, which sounds like a tight group of players to me.