Sunday, December 25, 2005

AZ Casino 4

A break-even evening, except I was generous tipper in the wee hours of Xmas morning, so I lost about $15. Two hands worth writing home about.

First Hand of the evening, I'm the BB, and pick up QJos with five limpers.

Flop: 9TK Rainbow.
(I've got the nut straight)
I check, somebody else bets, three callers, so I call.
Turn: 8: I check, initial better bets, three folds, I raise, and we cap it.
River: 9. I bet, and get re-raised, and I call.

The agressive bettor turned his two pair into the miracle boat for a big hand, and it took me hours and hours to make back what I lost on that suck out.

Wee hours of the morning, short-handed table.
Two limpers, I'm the BB with J6os.
Flop: 666 - It checks around.
Turn: X - checks around
River - I check again, hoping for a re-raise. It gets checked down.

After the rake and an excessive tip for the dealer, I get a pot of 5$ for my quads.

Merry X-Mas & Happy Hanukkah