Friday, December 23, 2005

Scottsdale Casino, Part 2

I went back the next day, and it seemed like I must have please the poker gods. Nobody was catching their 15% cards to river me, and more than made up for the losses of the prior night. I had the hottest streak of cards I've ever experienced, winning 5 consecutive pots, and winning mabe 10 out of 20 pots in two trips around the table.

A typical hand - I'm in the kill pot (double the betting, and I'm the obligatory straddle), and five callers are in, and I look down at pocket fours and check.

Two suited flop, 984, and I bet it to the end, and my only caller through the river seemed to think that a pair was going to be good enough.

Nobody ever seemed to catch flushes or trip up when playing second pair against my top pair. Such a nice evening.