Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rivered to death at Casino Arizona, Scottsdale

I played the 3-6 table last night, and kept getting flogged on the river, mostly by the same guy, who was seeing about 60% of the flops, and hanging around with any pair and any draw.

Big Hand 1
Me: TT
Evil: A8os
Kill Pot with 7 limpers, I reraise, and now it's a huge pot.

862 rainbow.
I am the 75.4% favoriite, but this guy has pot odds to call. nobody else calls.
I am now the 88.6% favorite, but my bet is called, as it's a huge pot and it'sonly one bet.

River 8, and I lose a huge pot.

Other hand
Me 79 in BB
Evil - AQos

Flop 79T rainbow
I am the 89.2% favorite. I bet and get a call.

Turn: J
I am now ONLY the 81.8% favorite here
River: K
Where have I seen this situation before?

Another Hand
Me: limping with 5h7h
Evil: Limping with J79d

I am the 75% favorite
No heart
I am the 86.4% favorite
Heart, and I'm toast.

There was whole litany of these, and although I initially doubled my buy in in the first hour, I bled away every last chip, primarily in situations where I was ahead on the flop and turn, and lost on the river.

Wah wah wah.