Sunday, July 02, 2006

Charity Tourney July 1

Went to a charity tourney last night with my brother and made it one past the bubble, getting my buy-back plus 10$. If I had bought the add-on, I would have been behind 10$.

I had a really hot run of cards at a table of very readable players, and only slowed down when I had three decent hands broken in short order. My AA v QQ and 66 lost to a six on the flop for a quarter of my stack. My AQ in the BB found AK in the SB and didn't improve for a quarter of my stack, and there was one other hand I got slaughtered on in similar circumstances. I was all-in w/K3 suited in desperation, and came up against 44 who flopped the set. I was already walking away when somebody said 'hey, you rivered a straight!' Then I was able to bully, slow-play and somehow find my way back to 4M when we got to the final table.

First hand at the final table I'm UTG w/JJ with 25K in chips, and blinds are 2K, 4K. I make a raise to 15K and a player halfway down puts me all in. There is now 46K in the pot and it costs me my last 10K, so I'm getting 4 to 1 odds. Even if I'm behind, it's reasonable odds, and I certainly don't have enough chips left to play if I fold, so I push my last chips and he turns over KK. Somebody else says they mucked a jack, so I've got one out, and it doesn't come.

There are 3 larger pocket pairs than JJ, and each has a 1/221 chance, and eight players yet to act with cards, so the chance of my being that far behind was 24/221, or just under 11%. I'd play that hand in that chip count and position the same way every time.