Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello from Spain

No poker to relate today, but I did put in 20 hours plus of casino last weekend between Tunica, and Mt. Pleasant Michigan, which is smokey, and poorly managed, but at least has competent dealers and plenty of fishy players. I moved up to the 6-12 table for the first time, and found the play to be almost as bad as the 3-6 table. I left about two big bets to the good, but overall I lost money playing in Michigan. If I hadn´t bankrolled my nephew in exchange for a cut, I would have been way behind, but the 19'year'old kid, after minimal instruction, proceeded to go on a tear and triple his buy in over 5 hours.

I don´t expect any poker updates for at least a week. Hanging out at the in-laws, and there´s no poker around here.