Friday, July 14, 2006

Profitable overnighter in Tunica

Had a 6:30 am flight out of Memphis, so instead of dealing with an attempted night of half-sleep, I played poker all night after an 11 hour shift of work.

First two hours were 7 stud 1-5 spread at the Horseshoe. It was my first ever profitable session (9 bucks) but I owe most of my profit to one hand were I chased with a pair of queens and caught my trips on 7th street to beat the other guys rolled-up fourst. Not my finest moment. Otherwise I tried to play sensible and not chase without odds.

Then I played a 5 hour 1-2 NLHE session at the Gold Strike with a very friendly crew. Everybody was funning it up, and I was the only one not drinking. I doubled my buy-in and would have done even better if I hadn't been rivered twice on biggish two-way hands where I was way ahead on the turn and betting heavy to protect. The two players respectively called my big turn bets with an under pair to my top pair, and with an inside straight draw, and they both hit. One checked to me in the hopes that I would bet, and I didn't. The other made a pot-sized bet, and I stated that I'd credit him w/AJ for a straight and I folded, and he exposed J9 for the low straight.

My play was very ABC all night long, with a random supply of bluffs at orphan pots, but I never got myself in trouble with the bluffs, and I didn't catch a single monster hand, except for a pair of aces heads up where I put in 1/4 of my stack preflop, half my stack on the flop heads-up, and the remainder on the river, and he only had a pair of jacks at that point.