Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Update - Misc On-line and the Social Group

I haven't been on the road, so no Tunica updates. I've been doing okay on 'tards, placing 75th out of 490 in the PLO8 on Tuesday night, placing 10th in an 11$ 180 player NLHE sng, which tells me that my tourney decision making is getting better. In the NLHE sng, I treated it as a freeroll after hitting this 1-outer.

blinds 15/30, I've got 1470 in chips, and QQ utg. I limp, the next player bumps it to 3BB and three callers follow. I re-raise to 450, 12 bB, and one player calls. The flop is K56r and the player pushes for another 600, and I call, hoping for a small pair or an outside straight draw. Unfortunately its the worst possible scenario - KQs, which means I have precisely 1 out in the next two cards, or I'm down to 400 in chips. I river the case queen, and we're off to the races. When we're down to 15 players and everybodys got a small M, I really loosen up, and eventually lose a race w/JTo v AKo to get knocked out for 10th. One hand earlier I had lost J2s v A8s, for 1/4 of my stack.

Concerning the social group, the annual renewal fees are coming up, and even though the money involved means nothing, I'm strongly considering leaving for the following reasons.

1) The message board we moved to a year ago is junk. I just noticed that everything posted before Sept. 10th of this year has been deleted, and nobody knows why. The calendar device is cumbersome, not user-friendly at all.
2) There are fewer and fewer games being posted on the message board.
3) Posting a game on the board doesn't seem to attract new players. We did get ONE player at my last game based on posting to this board, but the rest were people I know and regularly play with. I've got an upcoming game, and expect zero new players.
4) There is a competing local game board which is free and offers up more players. Granted, I don't expect that board to fill seats any better, but at least the price is right.
5) Of 150 members, there are only a handful who like to engage in serious poker discussion, and there is generally not an attitude of improving one another's game, or improving the level of the club as a whole. It's every poker player for themselves, which should not be the purpose of a club.
6) Truth be told, it feels too much like high school, in terms of the social dynamics. Thanks but no thanks.