Saturday, December 02, 2006

BD Delaware Cash 12/1/06

Thanks for a very enjoyable game last night.

Played about 7 hours NLHE at a full table last night, half of whom I had played with many times in the past. It was fun to play at a table where people mostly knew what they were doing. I think that in the whole evening I saw two all-in bets called, one due to stack size, the other due to inexperience on the part of the caller. I almost felt bad for the inexperience player, but he acknowledged that he was out of his depth, and that he was paying for poker lessons, so as long as he knows that.

I bought in and was slightly up, then I was slightly down, and then my mortal enemy went home and the table was mine for the pillaging. For the last couple of hours, I was making reads-and-steals, parrys-and-thrusts, and people rarely wanted to pay me off when I asserted that I had a hand. I did not have any true monsters all night, but based on the action I was getting, nobody else seemed to be hitting monsters either. I did make one ill-advised steal attempt on the flop when my opponent flopped a boat that was ony vulnerable to quads, but he cold called and hoped I would make another bet. When he made a small river bet, I had nothing to call him with, so that was an easy situation to get out of.

All in all a great night of cards and cameraderie.