Monday, November 27, 2006

Greektown Detroit - Never again, baby!

Hit Greektown Detroit briefly on Thanksgiving day, and had an all-around unpleasant gambling experience. Smoking at the table was okay for starters.

No-limit 100$ buy-in. I discovered after folding a hand, that there was no reloading until you were tapped. So if you buy in at 100$ and have a bad hand or two and are down to 40$, your options are to walk away, or play with the tiny stack. I was at 45$ and couldn't reload when they switched dealers and asked for 6$ seat rent, which would have brought my stack down to 39$. I walked away, thanks.

Limit 3-6. The table I was at looked very beatable, with some testoserone driven clowns raising and betting pure trash. I took one small pot, and then got involved with pocket-rockets, and we capped it pre-flop. The flop came two-suited, and somebody else bet, and I raised as last to act. The turn paired the board, and it was checked to me, and I bet into the two remaining chasers. The river brought a flush card, and I made a crying call, as did the other guy. I got to see that there were precisely 11 outs to beat me on the river, because the guy who won it stayed on a pair of 5s unimproved until the river. The other guy had the worthless nut flush of course. I don't consider this a bad beat, but evidence that this table could cough up a lot of stupidity-tax money if a body was patient enough.