Thursday, November 09, 2006

Don't drive money off the table!

Also at the G-Strike last night, we (I) managed to get a 1/2 pot-limit Omaha high game rolling by virtue of a 1/2 NLHE table about to bust and a casual suggestion that took wing. There were two fishy-looking type, two presumed sharks (including a bracelet holding dealer who I NEVER got in a hand with), and a few in the middle. I was very patient and bled on a few flops and pre-flops, but never got hung out to dry on the turn and river. I knew that the fish would pay me sooner or later.

Sure enough, I do find my spots and double up about three hours in, and then I find a raised pre-flop multi way hand where I flopped no pair, K-high flush draw and outside straight with a redraw if counterfeited. The inital raiser bets the pot, I re-pot and he puts me all in. I flush, and his trips don't boat, and I'm golden. Now that's gambling!

Around that same time as that hand, I see that the biggest fish has left the table, so I'm ready to go home. One or two hands later ...

A young-twenties testosterone job sits to my immediate left, sandwiched between me and the dealer. He had four seat choices at that time. On his first hand I tell him that I can see his hole cards, attempting to be friendly. (My tone may have been patronizing, I dunno.) He responds with a curt 'Then don't look.', to which I say, 'Okay, I'll only tell you once.'

To which he responds, with the voice of a high-school athlete taunting a drama clubber, 'You're in my space, why don't you move away.' And gives me a look like we're gonna be fighting in the playground at recess.

If he had said any of this in a friendly manner, it would have been fine. Maybe I didn't start off on the right foot. In any case, my inner voice said a few things:

1) The fish is gone. Why stay?
2) You just made a killing, and nobody's got even a third of your stack. Why stay?
3) You're tired and there's new faces at the table. Why stay?
4) The dude is trying to put you on tilt. Why stay?

So I took my marbles and went home.

The young guy who I had just stacked made a pained remark about all the money leaving the table, but the guy who got in my face was apparently a buddy of his. Maybe they'll figure out between them why all the money left the table in a hurry.