Monday, November 13, 2006

COCC Interlude #7

Had a really crap series of cards Friday night. First sat down for the tourney and lasted four levels till I blinded out. Prior to that I had raised w/AJo and give up on the turn, and raised w/TT and given up on the flop, and call a raise w/KTs and given up on the flop, made one blind steal, and otherwise not seen a flop in four levels. I couldn't even pick a moment to attempt steal-pushes since the other players seemed to all be on heaters and there were virtually no pots without one raise and one caller or reraise, which makes it tough to push w/J3o.

I was very frustrated from that and sat down to a cash game and got stacked in the first five hands via limping J4s and turning a second best flush to Q9s. Less than five hands later I have Ah Jh and flop top pair and a flush draw, and I make a slight reraise on the flop, but not enough to kick anybout out. The turn is a Q and I make a bet and get reraised to where I've got 2 to 1 odds to call, and I call and we both check the river, and he's got a weak two pair w/Q7o. I storm out after less than 20 minutes cash.

Apart from a horrendous night of cards, I would like to critique the blind structure of the tourney as being worse than on-line. There are a lot of older people playing, and so any given hand takes a minimum of 3 minutes, but more frequently 5 to 6 minutes. If that's an average of 4 minutes, thats 7.5 hands per level, and if you don't double up in four levels, you are way behind the blinds. In other words, that's a crap shoot blind structure in this environment, and I grow tired of crap shoots.

The cash game is not that bad, but it's always the same players, and some nights there's not nearly enough fish.

Think I'll give the COCC a rest for a while, and I think I'll do my damnedest to avoid these tourneys going forward.