Thursday, November 02, 2006

PLO8 Tourney On-Line

Here's some key hands, and analysis of whether I was playing poorly or not.

Hand 3 SB
Dealt to FrankNagaiJr [6s 7c 5h 3d]
A sucker hand that needs a perfect flop to collect, but I was getting 11 to 1 to limp in.
Everybody checks the flop, so we come to the turn:
*** TURN *** [Kh 6d 7d] [5s]
I small bet into it with three pair, then I think again when reraised, that I have six outs for a not-guaranteed half the pot, so no sense getting into a pissing war. I fold to the reraise and kick myself for betting this hand multi-way.

Hand 5 - I am the button with a decent hand.
Dealt to FrankNagaiJr [6d 5s As 2s]
There is a raiser and 4 callers, including me. The flop comes
*** FLOP *** [7c 8h Jc]
Giving me nut low draw, and an outside str8. I'm hoping that I can make a big bet in both directions and potentially knock out any weak flush draw. Nobody's going away quietly, and we have 3 all-ins and two fold here.

mugginslv: checks
jojoma44: checks
Superdad7777: bets 200
Corn Rules: calls 200
FrankNagaiJr: raises 1020 to 1220
mugginslv: folds
jojoma44: folds
Superdad7777: calls 820 and is all-in
Corn Rules: raises 310 to 1530 and is all-in
FrankNagaiJr: calls 80 and is all-in

Corn Rules: shows [2h Kd Ad 3d]
FrankNagaiJr: shows [6d 5s As 2s]
Superdad7777: shows [8c Ah Ks Js]

Now that we can see the cards, here's some twodimes numbers.
Preflop, the AK8J is a slight favorite (35%) my hand is 33% and A23K with three in one suit is 32%.

ON the flop, the two pair hand is the 44% fave, I've got 34% expectation, most likely a chop for the low.

Here's the turn:
*** TURN *** [7c 8h Jc] [9h]
And all of a sudden I'm 65% EV, with the straight, and nobody drawing to the flush. Two pair has four outs to scoop, and of course there are plenty of outs where I have to settle for 3/4 of the pot (3456 for 10 outs) and my 2 could be counterfeited for settling for 1/2 the pot (2 outs).

The boat 9 hits on the river. Bummer, but I've still got chips.

Seat 5: FrankNagaiJr (560 in chips)

Hand 7
A no brainer with a low chip count - suited ace, A2 with a backup wheel card.
Dealt to FrankNagaiJr [Ac 2s 4h Tc]
I limp and it works out pretty well. This guy limped UTG with this hand:
Superdad7777 showed [4d Kd Td 3s]
Which strikes me as pretty optimistic.

*** RIVER *** [3c 6s 2d 3d] [5h]
Note that we had a split on the turn, me with lock low, and he with trips, and a diamond draw, so the 5 non-diamond was a very lucky card for me to quarter him.

Hand 10

Here's a freakshow showdown. Note that we have the exact same hand.
*** RIVER *** [7h Kd 2d Kh] [5d]
Corn Rules: shows [Qd 2h Ah Ks] (HI: a full house, Kings full of Deuces)
FrankNagaiJr: shows [Kc Qs 2s As] (HI: a full house, Kings full of Deuces)

Hand 14
I almost consider my bet here a bluff, since a boat was possible, my nut flush was kind of weak. Bear in mind I was betting into two people who willing called my flop bet. Since neither of them reraised, I figured trips on the flop was not likely. I picked up the pot with my almost-all-in turn bet.
Dealt to FrankNagaiJr [5d 7c As Qs]
*** TURN *** [Js Ks 4h] [4s]

Hand 22
Only a mother could love this weak SB hand, but it grew nicely. I called the villains flop and turn bets, and neglected to bet the river, assuming it was a chop, and was surprised to find that my low was good too. Note to self - Bet the high nuts with a weak low on the river always.
*** RIVER *** [5c 6d Ts 3h] [9h]

I may continue this tourney later. I got knocked out halfway through after misplaying several hands in a row. Suffice to say I've got miles to go before I'm the PLO8 king.