Sunday, October 22, 2006

COCC #6 Oct 21

Played cash only last night, and found myself at a tough table. There were enough loose calls that I couldn't easily bluff with nothing, and by the same token, I wasn't catching many cards to collect from legitimate betting hands. I sat four about four hours, and took in three decent sized pots, and two much smaller ones, but spent most of the evening tossing 29o and similar cards away, limping with T7o and getting raised and tossing those, etc. Many of the raisers seemed content to simply steal the blinds with a huge pre-flop raise, too.

One of the three hands was a limp with 3s 5c, and I flop the nut straight, but the only problem is that all three cards are spades, so I've got the straight flush draw, but no flush. One player bets into it, and I reraise for twice that amount. We both check the turn and river, and he had a flush draw, but no boat (board paired on turn) and no flush, so my straight was good for a medium pot.

Another hand after 3 hours of crappy cards I get AKs in the BB and there's been a raise with one caller. I make a definition reraise, and get two callers, and check dark. No bets, and there's an A-8-8 flop. I bet the turn and the initial raiser goes away, and the caller pushes his last chips, and he's got AQ, and does not hit on the river. Initial raiser stated he had KK, and I had no reason to doubt him.

About an hour later, I get AA and limp from utg, and of course, somebody is kind enough to raise for me, and I come over the top. He comes along, the same guy I stacked with AKs, and I flop an ace and check it. I small bet the turn, and make a bigger bet on the river, and stack him again. He was glad to see me go.

Otherwise, I made one successful semi-bluff multi-way, one semi-bluff that I got called on my flop bet, and I refused to fire a second barrel, and we both checked it down and his ace high was good, and I tossed oodles of limps that missed multi-way. A profitable evening, thanks to three hands alone, and not getting carried away with steal attempts amid loose callers.