Saturday, October 14, 2006

COCC #5 Oct 14, 2006

Went and played (and dealt) the 7:15 tourney and did okay. Here's a couple of interesting hands:

Early on, I've got a decent stack and make an EP raise w/KJs, and the BB pushes. I do the math, and I'm getting 1.5 to 1 to call, so I figure that's decent enough, since the BB had been having a really crappy run of cards and was probably ready to push with TT or even 88. I call and he flips AA, and the flop is ATx with two of my suit, and I turn the nut flush to knock him out.

In a hand I wasn't in, a player says flippantly, 'if I have aces, I'll call'. When there's an EP raise and he's coming back from grabbing a hot dog. Of course, it was indeed AA to beat KK. KK was pissed, of course.

Late in the final table, maybe 6 of us remaining, and I push with AQo and get two callers, and I have an inside draw on the flop (KTX), and the one player pushes, the other calls. The turn is a J and I've hit for the main pot, and the river is a 9, and the two players turn over KK and QT for a runner-runner straight, meaning that the KK got massacred by two separate hands. Freakshow.

My final hand 3 way, I push w/A9s in the BB after 2 limps, and I get one call, from A2o, and he hits his duck on the turn to knock me out.

Overall, I think I played well. I needed one suckout to money, but otherwise I probably folded too much but otherwise did okay.

I also dealt for the entire tourney (about 3.5 hours), and exposed one dealt card and had one misdeal all night long, and I did not once show a card early for the betting sequence, so that's as good as I've ever dealt. It's good practice for paying attention to the game, too.