Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gold Strike Oct 10

Got there and there was a wait, but they opened a new table moments later. While I waited for my table, I observed the 1/2 table, and happened to see a player push his stack and get called by a pair of aces on the river. The pusher had a pair of fives and a busted draw.

There were a bunch of people waiting to hit the 2/5 table when that opened, and they seemed to be the most likely players to fold to a bluff.

I ran some bluffs very early coming in to warm up the table, and got away with at least three continuation bets after raising on fluff, and one bizarre hand where I made a nuisance raise with trash, and the board is really scary and we all check down to the river, and I bet the pot on the river and get no curiosity from the crowd.

During this early bluffing time, one of the 25-ers raises to 4bb EP, and I reraise to half my stack. He thinks for a minute and pushes with queens. My kings hold up.

Maybe 10 hands later I get Aces EP and raise 4bb, and the 25-er who strikes me as the toughest player calls me along with one other player. The board is T77, and I check. He bets the pot, and I continue not giving him any eye contact, but simply flat call. The turn is a king, I check and he checks. On the river, I'm confident my aces are still good, and I bet half pot and he folds.

I'm moved to the main table, and maybe three hands in I limp 65o and flop 347 two-suited with six other players. I bet the pot, get a few callers and a reraise. I make the minimum reraise, and one caller and the re-raiser stay on board. The flop is a second three, and there are now a heart and spade flush draw on board, plus the boat. The re-raiser pushes for half of my stack, so I'm getting 2 to 1 odds, and I flat call. I start mentally kicking myself when I remember there's a third player still in the hand, but he agonizes the pot odds, and then folds his draw. The re-raiser shows top pair and a flush draw, and fails to hit. (This was the same guy I saw push on a busted draw when I came in, and that made my call much easier.)

After that, I can't seem to work any magic at the main table. My trash limps all get reraised, my raise with trash finds a big reraise and a flat call, and I dump. Sure enough, Aces in the BB. After 45 minutes of tiny bleeding, I don't feel sharp, so I get out and go next door for a little stud.

I played 20 minutes of stud and broke exactly even. That's an improvement.

Extra bonus - They finished highway 69, which makes Tunica at least 10 minutes closer to Memphis!