Friday, November 10, 2006

Misc Round-up

On-line tourneys

I've continue playing and charing the 180 player tourneys, and have recently monied several. However, I always seem to get down to 5M and push with something marginal towards the end. The ones who seem to do well strike me as semi-maniacs, willing to call smaller all-ins preflop with suited trash, and if they make a steal attempt, they will call the all-in reraise no matter what trash they were stealing with. Since it seems to work for them, I may need to study their methods and the math a little more. Most likely the blind speed rewards the risk takers.

Live tourney with an empty stomach. Bad idea!

I wanted to play one last Tunica tourney, at the Horseshoe, and traffic is awful. I make it just in time to register, I go to the restroom and I've only missed a hand or two. For the first hour I play well and build up my chip stack with a few minor setbacks. When I'm moved to another table, I've got 150% of my original chips. I win my first hand at the new table with a luckbox flush in the BB, then I lose two hands in quick succession where I fold on the turn or river. At that point I tilt and push with A6s against an EP raiser with a bigger stack than me. He considers for a minute, says 'let's race' and turns over AQ and I don't suck out. At that point I recognize that the push was a 'hunger tilt' since it was 7:30 and I hadn't had a bite since noon. I could have skipped a few hands and hit the sandwhich bar and lasted a few more hands. D'oh!

A good run at the Gold Strike to say goodbye.

In addition to the nice run at Pot-Limit 1/2 Omaha, I also had a nice run at 1/2 NLHE, tripling my buy-in over the first hour, and giving a small portion of that back on a pre-flop raise that ran into a flopped straight. I only lost the raise and my pot-sized flop bet, and I think I played that hand well. The guy who pushed over the top into two of us saw the flush draw and way overbet as opposed to attempting to collect from the two of us, so he didn't milk me at all. The flush draw guy missed.