Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Anonymous Message

Anonymous write:

hey...I hear what you are saying about having so much to learn, but seriously...after having read through most of your posts, I can't help but think your game is pretty solid; it's your confidence that needs some work.

I agree that I've reached a certain level of mechanical poker competence, but I do need to move it up another level to play poker with any artistry. Yes, the confidence needs a boost, but I intend to get it back.

Play in some respectable tourneys and mix it up...more squeeze play, c-bets, stop-and-go's...a little FP syndrome...who cares what your cards are...use position and bully...have fun with it. When you sit at the table, assume everyone else sucks...more times then not, you'll find out you're right.

I appreciate the kind words. These days I'm focusing on the 180 player games specifically to mix it up a little more.