Saturday, September 30, 2006

COCC #3 - Sep 23

I did play the COCC in K-ville last Saturday. It was a full day of heartbreaks.

In the first tourney I simply made some bad decisions for most of my chips. I should have been playing ABC poker against unstudied opponenets, and I was trying to bluff people with second pair and so on. I didn't stand a chance.

Then a 1/2 NLHE cash game where I was playing okay, but getting rivered for some big pots. Feh.

Then the second tourney, where early on I had to make a big decision as follows:

Blinds 50/100 - I've got 20M, and I'm in late position. Two limpers, and I raise to 400, and I have one caller, the UTG limper, who I know from many experiences as tight and fairly predictable.

The flop is two hearts, he checks, I bet the pot and he calls.

The turn is another heart, and there is now four to a straight on the board, missing only a seven in the middle. He checks, and I check behind. I have an Ace of hearts, so I could still river a win.

The river is an ace, giving me trips. He pushes, and I agonize for a little bit, consider his playing style and how he played this hand. I have no reason to think that he doesn't have the flush, and failing that, the straight. I fold face up, and he's kind enough to expose Qh Jh.

This knocks my chip stack down quite a bit, and limits my options for the rest of the tourney. When we're down to one table (from two) I attempt to buy the blinds with Js Ts in mid-position, and the big blind pushes, offering me 3 to 1 pot odds. I call, and on the turn I have a flush draw and an outside draw. Neither of us pair, and now I've got a tiny stack.

I find AKo utg and push, no callers, so I'm at 4M in the BB. I've got K6o in the BB with one limper and the SB, and the flop is K54 rainbow. I check, hoping that the early position limper will attempt to pick up the orphan. He does, and I push, and he calls with KJo to win.

Then I play some short handed cash with some unstudied players, and I can't work any magic at all. I bluff out the one decent player a few times, and I bluff out the bad player a couple times, but even so, I bleed for a while before going home.

The irony is that this game and this crowd should be very beatable for me. Maybe I've got to change my attitude in order to beat it?