Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gold Strike Monday

Embarassing Disclosure - I recently had to reload at Pokertards. Such humiliation! I milked my initial deposit for about 11 months, sold off a little more than what I put in to buddies, and then bled out the remainder on 4.40 180 tourneys, which I'm getting better at, but they're certainly nowhere near profitable for me.

I worked a full day then went to Gold Strike, where I actually had to pay for a meal. (bastards!) I didn't catch a lot of cards, but I was getting very creative with buying orphans and buying it on the river. I think I actually had two winning hands all night, but I collected a lot of pots. It seemed like my radar was really picking up weakness well, or else I was just at a weak table, but I bought one pot with 24o and a busted wheel draw, I bought another pot with second pair after calling down the initial raiser, and I bought a few orphans on the turn or river. My success rate on bluffing must have been better than 50%, and I was very active.

In the end, just under one buy in over 3 hours of play.