Saturday, August 13, 2005

Big Local Tourney August 12, 2005

Starting chips were 50 each, with a blind structure like this:
1-2, 2-4, 3-6,4-8,5-10,10-20,15-30,20-40, 40-80,80-160,100-200,200-400

The tourney ended about 6 hours in at the 80-160 level.

I got pocket q's on the second deal when I dealt them to myself. I raised from the button, and one caller went all in and I accepted. He had lost 21 chips in the first hand, so when his A-9 hit on the river, I was down to 21 chips 2 hands in. I semi-tilted and called a raise with limping starters and was down to 15 chips.

It took me the better part of 2 hours of careful play to build 15 chips into a decent stack.

I made it to the final table, or rather the final table made it to me. I didn't need to change my chair during any of the consolidations.

I offered a chop when we were down to 2 players, and I think I may have been the chip leader. The dude passed and said he preferred to play it out. Two hands later I go all in and he accepts, and he takes all my chips. Fortunately, I make sure we both do a chip count to make sure he has me covered. He didn't and I still had almost 2BB in chips left (he must have had more than 10-12BB in chips at that time.)

I plow onward and within 1 hour of that point he bluffs an all-in that I accept on A-3. He's got 2-4 suited. My 3 pairs and he doesn't pair. Game over.

It was a sweet sweet victory, especially since I had to endure 6 hours of second hand smoke. When I go back next week, there will be a bounty on me. Did I mention that I took out the champion of the prior week and got that bounty too?