Monday, August 15, 2005

A Quick Rant about On-Line Kidz

At a few casinos and games I have noticed a clearly delineated set of players, who I refer to as 'on-line kidz' regardless of their age bracket. There's no shame in being an on-line player, but....

When you're in a tournament with humans, I recommend that you play accordingly. I've heard that many on-line players try to put their foes on tilt all the time. If you constantly perform actions and stupid bluffs in person that are designed to put people on tilt, you should expect to be put out of your misery sooner or later, and the rest of us will be saying 'good riddance.'

Another quirk worth mentioning about on-line kidz. Some of you have dedicated zero percent of your mental effort in developing any kind of personality other than 'the quiet dude back in the shadows.' I guess that's fine, but you're not gonna get on my 'most desirable guests' list any time soon. At least some part of live poker is about the social interaction, and if there's nothing there, you're simply someone to be beaten and forgotten.