Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Private Club, Manassas VA, Aug 24, 2005

Played some cash NL and then a tourney with some very loose novices and some skilled players, and came close to breaking even for the night, but the following hand put me back in the red.

Me: KK - raise 6BB (a standard high raise at the cash game)
P2: Call
P3: Raise - 12 BB
(2 folds)
Me: Call
P2: Call

Flop 9 -8-2

Me: Bet 1/2 pot
P2 &P3 both call

Turn- 8
Three Checks
River - X
Three checks

P2: QQ
P3: AA


In a tournament of 17 I made the bubble, and I went out on a decent decision. The player on my right went all in and I called (had him covered). The player on my left put ME all in, and I called that too.

Right: 55 (30.7%) , Me: AQos (33.9%) Left: JhTh (35.5%)
I just looked this up and was surprised to see JT suited as the fave. If AQ were suited in a different suit that nobody else has, they become the 37.2% fave
Flop 3h, 8s, 4h (32.5%, 12.5%, 55.0% are now the respective odds)
Turn: Qs ! (2.4%, 69.1%, 28.6%)
River: xh !

(Looking at the odds, not quite the horrible beat I took it for last night. It's always a bummer to lose it on the river though. )

Great club. It's a screened environment, like most of the games I play at, so you've generally got a decent level of play, and a minimum of jerks.