Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Manassas VA Cash Game

This was at a motorcyle repair shop in an industrial part of town. I was up to double my buy in, accepted an all-in with pocket kings on a nothing board. My opponent, who was a big bluffer and risk-runner had A-9. He caught9 and then A on the river to take it. I rebought and played for another 30 minutes and walked away having lost about half my original buy-in.

Good game. Nice folks. There were some different playing style to adjust to, so I'll definitely go back until I've got their respective numbers. One guy who seemed tight lost three buy-ins, another guy who seemed tight waited hours to catch a hand and rarely got action. Another guy had such a defeatist attitude you'd play against him with 2-7 and expect to win. There were two agressive bluffersons who I kept skirmishing with, and another guy who seemed a little more sensible.