Sunday, June 11, 2006

N'erk Tourney June 9th

I should have played tight and tighter. As it was, I raised 3BB once UTG and got no callers, and pushed UTG twice and got no callers, all three times with hands where I preferred NOT to see a flop, so that was alright.

I called a 3BB raise in BB w/A7s, and the flop came Axx all of a different suit, and I tossed my top pair based on having a weak ace, and none of the suit. The dude (Clay) flips over his pair of kings with one of the suit and asks for a rabbit hunt, and he hit his flush. So, it was an incorrect fold on my part, but a fortuitous one.

I won the very first hand (about 4BB of the first level) and otherwise did not take down any pot in which I saw a flop. Bummer evening. I tossed mountains of trash pre-flop.