Monday, June 12, 2006

Tunica Missisisip - Grand Casino

Played the 4-8 for two hours, and walked away with 12.5 big bets, so it was a fine session. The guy two seats to my right raised any hand he played, and he seemed to play any face card, no matter what it was partner with. This meant I generally had to tighten up a lot, so I mostly collected on playable big blinds, (two decent pots) and Aces (they held, and he did me a favor by raising so I could 3 bet pre-flop), and other wise tossed lots of mediocre limpers that would have been playable if he hadn't change my pot odds. I left five minutes after he did, as there were too many competent players at the table at that point.

Loved the buffet. Great ribs and southern/soul food.

Nobody told me that Tunica was a baby vegas! A whole bunch of poker options here.