Friday, June 23, 2006

Tunica Miss Updates

I've been too busy driving to the casino and playing to deal with blogging. Here's highlights for the last week.

Sunday - Hit the Gold Strike, which was smokier than I remembered (not a smoking room, but very much adjacent to the smokers), and they had easily 15 full tables going. I played NLHE 1/2 while ordering eating dinner, and lost a big chunk to guy who hit his set on the turn to beat my aces. I was not as observant as I needed to be, and I could have saved a bunch of money on his river bet if I was at all alert. Note to self - play LIMIT while ordering and eating dinner, so mistakes don't cost so much. (They bring in free bar food for tips, by the way.)

Then I switched to LO8, and it was the bummer table of all bummer tables. Everybody knew each other, and everybody sat and waited for A23, so there were very few big pots to fight over, and nobody lively enough to break the boredom. I love O8, but a tight/dull table is unbearable.

Tuesday - Hit Sam's Town looking for a tourney, but misread the flier, so I went next door to Hollywood, found a soft 3-6 table and stuck around. The toughest part of limit is when you can't hit a hand at a soft table. I went out 10 bucks ahead after 4 hours of play. Their buffet was 'okay' but the best so far is still the Grand Casino.

Wednesday - Went to the Hollywood again to accumulate table hours for a 60$
'freeroll' tourney next Tuesday. There was a drunk who was slurring his speech on my right who was still playing limit reasonably well, and making money chasing his flushes. There were two very soft players who left 20 minutes after I sat down before I could get their money in circulation. The minute the drunk left, I left as well. I went out ahead 10 bucks.

Then I went next door to Sam's Town for some 1/2 NLHE. I lost my first buy-in early when I called a raise w/Qh Jc in position, and flopped the high straight on a one-suit flop (hearts). The same guy who raised had shown down Ah Kh three hands earliers, so I felt he was on a high pair with a heart draw, and that he didn't already have the flush. That was my thinking when I pushed on the no-heart turn, and he insta-called w/Ah Kh. It took me a couple hours to get to profitable, but I shucked and jived, stole a lot of small orphan pots, and found a couple of spots to double up or collect big.