Sunday, June 04, 2006

Overs versus pair and runner-runner flush draw

Playing a 4$ 180 player on tards, and a mediocre chip stack about 4 levels in. I had just won a hand with a large pair without a showdown, and caught JJ and made a bigger raise (5BB) with this lesser pair.

The flop is a rainbow 892, and I had just observed the one player I was up against push pre-flop with a pair of 8s for no particular reason, as his M was reasonable. I had a feeling that he probably didn't have trips, and would call my all-in on my overpair with as weak as ace-high.

I was correct, he called with second split pair and a runner-runner flush draw, making me the 75 percent fave with all my chips in the middle.

His runner-runner hit. D'uh.