Sunday, June 25, 2006

RM's tourney Dublin

We had a major tourney for our social group on June 24th, with a field of close to 70 players, starting at 4:30 PM and playing till the wee hours of the morning. I went as a player/dealer and felt like I did neither well, but still managed to make it to the final table, just barely in the money. I really enjoyed the tourney, and was pleasantly surprised to make it as far as I did in the mental state I was in (perma-tilt).

I don't have time to blog right now, but here's some themes if I did.

* SB v BB situation late game with a min-raise (killbuck discussion)
* All-in v BB late game with KTo in BB's hands (other discussion)
* Railbird etiquette (don't sit AT the table please, and don't talk with the players)
* Some bad decisions I made
(Calling an all-in w/KJo rather than folding or coming over the top)
(Not pushing A9o in a textbook Harrington scenario as the button with no action before me)
* Some good decisions I made that paid off
(staying with 22 four way after limping, being raised, and closing the betting)
* Some good decisions I made that didn't pay off
(calling a frequent all-inner w/AQ, and losing to KJ)
* Tilty behavior on my part
(misstating my chip count in an all-in situation)
* Why I was on tilt
(one player at my first table was having an astounding/unbelievable run of cards, and I had to lay down on two consecutive heads up flops. I had never played with him before and couldn't tell if we was in my head or actually getting cards.)
* Big all-in hands for me
(v Bishop to survive, v Jeff to survive w/79s, v DAB w/66 to lose to QJo and get knocked out)