Monday, June 05, 2006

A night of heartbreak on 'tards

I allowed myself one more 180 player tourney, and I tripled up early with a flush draw to the nuts three way. Sure, it was a risk, but I figure a body needs decent chips to do anything in this tourney, otherwise you'll get blinded out too soon. The other two all-ins were top split pair and a set, so I got lucky. Then I played reasonably well, making some decent moves and staying out of trouble for quite a while, till I pulled another all-in on a flush draw on a 334 board two-way in a raised pot. I was drawing to Ace-Queen with no pair yet, and my opponent was drawing to king-eight flush with no pair yet. That means he had six outs in two cards, and I was roughtly the 75 percent fave here. He rivers his king, and if I had won I would have been the chip leader among 70 remaining players, but instead I move on.

Then I'm in a 45 player sit'n'go, where I get involved in few hands, and eventually find myself pushing QTo from early position at 5M. The person who calls me has AQo and enough chips to look me up. The first four cards are A-Q-T (ouch!) and then another Ace to mean that my two remaining outs are now gone.

Guess I'll go back to the single tables if I'm killing time tonight.